Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We apologise for the lack of news

It's been a tough week, at work and home - I came down with what is euphemistically called "Man Flu" on Friday and basically felt like crap most of the weekend. Fine in the morning, tired by the early evening and aching and shivering by bedtime. An ancient family sure (hot toddies and paracetamol an hour later) eventually did the trick, but I had so much to do this weekend there was no way I could do the sensible thing and retire to bed. Hey ho.

Doreen saw her consultant last Thursday, and is now on the waiting list for her last operation, to reduce her other breast, replace the temporary implant with a permanent one, and tattoo on a false nipple. Two days in hospital and rest after, but that should be it. That should be end of January, but before that she has the first of her now annual mammograms.

Work is a minefield of legal documents, course preparations and plain boredom at times. I know it will get better - it usually does - but it will take time.

Speaking of which, next week we're taking the holiday we should have had this summer but never got round to. Away for the weekend, then I'll take the boys places Tuesday and Wednesday. I have to go to a day-long meeting Thursday, so Firday is a family day out again. We all need this break, so I hope it's a relaxing one.


Travis said...

Sounds like a rough weekend, Mike. I hope you are feeling better now.
Have a good time on the vacation, it sounds like you and your family can use it.

Howard Bagby said...

I hope all goes well for you Mike. Enjoy your time off.