Thursday, 2 July 2009

Day 3

The heat continues, the lack of sleep continues, and the temper is getting slightly irritable. Right now I'd do anything to eb sitting in my garden at home with a pticher full of ice water and cold bottles of Black Sheep Ale.

Not to be however, so let's have a suitable song which was number one on ym birthday in 1966.

Another nice number one from the week of July 16th would be the one for my fifth birthday in 1968

From a year later is another classic

More tomorrow - if the heat doesn't get to me first. No air conditionign in ym office and sealed windows "For your safety...."

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

We're having a heatwave

a tropical heatwave.....

It's hot in London - the BBC website is showing the temperature now as 31 degrees Celsius (that's about 86 Farenheit for the reat of you)and it's not dropping much below 20 Celsius at nighttime. The end result - not a lot of sleep, tired and grumpy kids, and an hour's commuting hell each day on the wonder that is the London Underground.

Still, could be worse - I could work in the city....

For those who may be owndering, Doreen has been given the all clear from her last operation, and she now has one more day procedure to undergo later in the year. Fingers crossed from now on...

Alastair is nwo in that wonderful limbo state of having officially left school and not started yet at his post-16 centre. They had a leaving do last week for hsi eyar - and he was given a certificate naming him "Biggest Encylopaedia brain". Seems he has learnt something from me after all - now we wait for his results in August.

As for Stuart, he learnt who his year 6 teacher is goign to be - the same man who taught Alastair in year 4 some eigth years ago. I have a meetign with him tonight, where I will offer my sympathies....

As it's my birthday in a few weeks, let's finish off with some number one songs from my birthday down the years through the wonder of Youtube. I've a feeling I did this somewhere last year - may have been here, but I can't remember, and I like music. I'm going to try and get this blog back on a daily schedule, but let's see how it goes.

The earliest I can find is, believe it or not, the number one when I was born - I Like It!

Actually, if I'm being pedantic, I was born in the former West Germany, so the actual number one when and where I was born was this.

More tomorrow, hoepfully....