Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Trumpeting in the Distance

Apologies for my absence again - the elephant has been blowing its trunk in the distance.

For those who are late comers - my wife had a mastectomy last year ofr a pre-cancerous growth. Today she went back into hospital for reconstructive surgery - replacing the temporaryimplant with the final one, doing soem work on the other side to "match up" and a little tattoing work.

The problem? We don't know how long she will be in. First it was a day case, then a three day stay, then she had to report to the day surgery unit, and then today we found out she's been sent to a ward after the surgery.

So we have a slight problem - I'll post later when I know what is happening.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Deep and meaningful lyrics

So, the United Kingdom finally wins Eurovision, and it's off to the Royal ALbert Hall for the 1968 contest. The BBC decides to pull out all the stops, and hire the hot male singer in the UK to sing their entry that year - one Harry Webb, aka Cliff Richard.

Gotta love that Carnaby Street suit - but he didn't win. Oh no, this was not the most popular song of the night. Nor was it the Irish entry, one Pat McGeegan with Chance of A Lifetime.

Or even the lovely Kristina Hautula from Finland with Kun Hello Kay

No, my friends, this was the first year that the winning song started to follow the patented Eurovision winner style - bright, bouncy tune, lyrics that don't seem to mean a lot and a delivery of vigour and vim. This was the year of the wiining song called La La La - which, contrary to popular belief, were not the only lyrics. It was also recently revealed that Generalissimo Fransisco Franco himself took steps to ensure this was the winning song.

Here's Massiel from Spain with her winning performance.

Tomorrow - how do you decide the winner in a Eurovision Song Contest? Not this way....