Friday, 10 October 2008

Songs we like to forget (part 2)

I don't want to think about football, but bad songs always have a place in my heart. Today, I offer five samples of songs from my childhood that I look back at now and think "Why?"

First up - from 1971 it's Falkirk's finest, Middleof the Road, with "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep". The sort of osng that made you feel good, but now you think "What the?..."

Secondly, from 1972, Jimmy Osmond. Possibly the first example of that phenomenon of the Christmas Number One being a "novelty" record. Is this the one to blame?

1976, and the original UK boys band - Our Kid.

From 1978, IIRC, the St Winifrid's School Choir with Grandma - everyone go "Awhhh"....

And for the other side, Clive Dunn (Coporal Jones in Dads Army) with Granddad in 1971

Finally, the one group that could take these songs and make them work - the Barron Knights.


rrlane said...

To my eternal shame, I remember the Jimmy Osmond song from the Osmonds' Saturday morning cartoon.

Travis said...

You shouldn't feel shame for remembering that song, Rich. You should just feel old. [ducks]