Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Elephant hunting

Well, that's an ..... interesting couple of days.

I finally took Doreen into hospital at 6 pm last night - the letter said five, but at about 12 she got a call from the Bed Manager at the hospital.

"Mrs Williams, you haven't called us."

"Was I meant to?"

"It states in the covering letter that you should call us on the date of admittance."

"What covering letter?"

"The one sent with your appointment letter."

"We didn't get a covering letter, we got two appointment letters"


So they say they'll call back between 4 and 5 that night with the ward to go to.

You can see it coming - 5.15 and no call. The next ten to fifteen minutes are spent trying to get through, and finally.....

"Oh - come in to the ward on your letter."


She had the operation today, and so far all looks like it is going well. Nothing to report that is bad - we await biopsy results now.


Dr. Mike Parnell said...

I am glad this part of the journey is done. My continued prayers for Doreen, you and the boys.

Howard Bagby said...

My continued prayers and best wishes for you and your family, Mike.