Tuesday, 6 April 2010

And they're off!

Well, at long last it's official - Gordie is going to pop in and see Lizzie at her London pad today, and then the general melee can begin.

I'm going to use this as a sounding post for my thoughts on the campaign as it carries on - which may or may not turn otu to eb a good idea, but I need somewhere to organise how I feel about this one.

Opinion pols will play abig part in this - but remember, you can't trust these things as far as as you can metaphorically throw them as a rule. Here's the golden rule for this year - for the Tories to win outright, they need a swing of 16% in their favour. The most favourable poll currently has them at about 10% ahead - which is hung parliament territory.

So, let us cry havok and let loose the dogs of war - we have some fun ahead for the next 31 days...

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