Thursday, 27 August 2009

Shouting out the praises!!

My oldest son, Alastair, got his exam results today. Please allow me to share them with you.....

IT - unknown. He is down as unclassified, but we need to see if that is because some stuff still needs to be marked.

History - D. Technically a fail, but he can still pursue this at A-level if he wishes to do so. Having seen past papers, this is a nasty little piece of work in the exam hall.

French, Art - C. Art he wishes to pursue, and he can with that grade. He took French on our reccomendation as both Doreen and I feel it is important.

English, English Literature, Citizenship, Physics, Chemistry and Biology - B. Excellent stuff, given the science teaching was not the best, but the surprise is Eng Lit - not his favourite subject.

Mathematics - A*. Top marks :)

He did his best, and I'm proud of him, as combined with last year that makes two A's, seven B's and two C's. His place in post-16 educatuio nis also secured - plus he found out today he gets an extra week's holiday.

Just enough time to complete the pre-course work then.

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