Thursday, 26 February 2009

To unite Europe in Song.....

It seems a long way away now, bu tin the middle of May the 54th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Moscow. These days it's become nothign more than an excuse (allegedly) for the former Warsaw PAct and Russian states to show their firends they are still friends, but back in the day ti was legendary for the peculiarity of the voting, never mind the songs.

So, every so often 'twixt now and then we're going to take a look at the winners, and the UK entires if the two are not the same, for this unique cultural event. Hold on to yoru hats - this could get bumby.....

We start with the first contest in 1956, which was won by Lys Assia for Switzerland with Refrain - Lys?

There is a tradition now with this contest (the first was held in Italy) that the winner hosts the following year, but that wasn't the case then. The UK didn't take part in the first contest - the entry was late - so in 1957 they met again, where the UK entry was All, sung by Patricia Belden

They didn't win - that was the honour of Corrie Breckon from Holland, with a little ditty called Net als toen

We didn't take part again in 1958 - that contest was won by a man called Andre Claveau for France with Dans, Mon Amour.

Trivia note - the 1958 Italian entry was a little ditty called Volare, which Dean Martin later had a hit with.

Finally for the 50's, in 1959 the winner came from Holland again - Teddy Scholten singing N Beetje

The UK took part again that year, with the first of a strign of legendary Eurovision entries - Sing Little Birdie, sung by Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson.

At this stage, it still resembled a proper singing contest, but that would change. Join us again next time for singing scotsmen and more songsters in monochrome.....

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